BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching Science

Direct 3rd year top up for HND students.

The UCS Sports Coaching BSc (Hons) programme provides the skills, knowledge, experience, and craft needed for a professional career in the sport and fitness industry



The year focuses on extending three key sports specific strands: 

  • Coaching

  • Management of sports development strategy

  • Sports Science

Within this, students have the opportunity to tailor the qualification to specialise in a sport of their choice.

Students further develop their understanding of sports science, nutrition, safeguarding and first aid, as well as exploring motivational techniques, styles of communication, performance analysis and plans for athletic progression.

The year has a strong vocational relevance, through applying theory into working practice with athletes as part of a multi-disciplinary team.


The BSc Year

The year is split into 2 Semesters:

Semester 1

  • Research methodologies in Sport

  • Performance Coaching

  • Dissertation

Semester 2

  • Nutrition, Lifestyle & Health for Athletes

  • Planning for Performance Management

  • Dissertation

There is also a strong focus on preparing students to undertake a dissertation in a related sports area, through the research skills unit.



The aim of the dissertation is to give the student an opportunity to conduct a large piece of research into an area of sport coaching and science of their choosing.

It develops and consolidates research skills and academic writing. It increases knowledge and understanding regarding an academically rigorous research process.

Areas to consider include how to formulate effective inquiry problems and devise research questions; identify the significance of asking the right questions; assess the significance of how questions are theorised; understand how research is related to policy and practice.


Other units

Research Methodologies in Sport (20 Credits)

This module deepens knowledge of research by investigating a wider range of research approaches and methods to research. A number of different areas related to research methodology and the approaches to presenting data will be discussed.

Planning and Performance Management (20 Credits)

This module is intended to provide an understanding of management concepts and sports development strategy in the United Kingdom.

Performance Coaching (20 Credits)

This module is intended to provide an understanding of the influences and issues affecting high performance coaching for performance and elite athletes.



The BSc provides opportunities to test understanding of the subject informally before completing the formal assessments that count towards the final grade. Each module normally contains at least one piece of practice or ‘formative’ assessment for which students receive feedback from their tutor. Practice assessments are developmental and any grades received do not count towards the module mark.

There is a formal or ‘summative’ assessment at the end of each module. Assessment methods include written examinations and a range of coursework assessments such as essays, reports, portfolios, performance, presentations and your final year major project. The grades from formal assessments count towards the module mark.

Feedback: Students receive feedback on all practice assessments and on formal assessments undertaken by coursework. Feedback is intended to help students learn and they are encouraged to discuss it with your module tutor.