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Our Courses

Here's what you can expect from a UCS BSc Sport Coaching degree and pathways:

Seamless Fusion of Work Experience and Degree

Our programme seamlessly blends hands-on work experience with a highly respected degree curriculum. We believe in providing you with practical exposure that complements the academic rigor of our courses, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of your field.

Tailored Career 'Pathways' for Personal Growth

Choose your own path to success! Our programme allows you to select a specific career 'pathway' that aligns with your ambitions. Whether it's education, fitness training, or professional sports, these pathways are designed to support your personal and professional goals.

UCS Employability Award for a Competitive Edge

Enhance your CV and acquire invaluable transferable skills through our UCS Employability Award. This initiative not only boosts your resume but also equips you with a diverse skill set valued across various industries, making you a sought-after candidate in the job market.

Extensive Network of Industry Connections

Join a thriving network encompassing professional sports clubs.  Benefit from invaluable connections that can open doors to exclusive opportunities, internships, and career advancements without compromise.

Holistic Learning Experience

Combining degree coursework with these pathways creates a holistic learning experience. It equips students with a well-rounded skill set, including academic knowledge, practical experience, and industry-relevant certifications.

Flexibility Tailored to Your Needs

We understand the juggle between academics, employment, and sporting commitments. Our programme offers a flexible delivery schedule that accommodates your academic, employment, and sports requirements. This flexibility ensures that you can excel in all areas without compromise.


Your journey towards success begins here!

Integrating your work experience with a prestigious degree programme is just the beginning of what we offer.


At UCS, we've curated an innovative approach that empowers you to tailor your educational journey to match your personal aspirations through distinct career pathways. Our pathways complement our degree programme by offering a diverse range of experiences, skills, and opportunities that enrich the educational journey and prepare students for success in their chosen careers.

Our Pathways

Education & Training Pathway

"Embark on a rewarding journey for aspiring educators! This pathway is tailored for students passionate about shaping young minds. Gain invaluable experience within school and college settings while pursuing Level 3 and Level 4 teaching qualifications. Upon completion, you will also be supported with the level 4 (Certificate) and 5 (Diploma) in Education and Trainining journey towards teaching excellence. Discover the joy of teaching and mentoring while honing your skills in a supportive environment. 


As part of the Education & Training Pathway we offer the PE Teaching Pathway:

Have you ever thought about a career as a PE teacher in Secondary Schools in the UK or elsewhere across the globe?

If you have, now is your chance to start that journey with UCS on the Physical Education Teacher Pathway. The programme combines a 3 year degree accredited by the University of Northampton alongside “real life” vocational work experience in the heart of a school PE department, applying theoretical knowledge daily to your sports and teaching practices. There are additional opportunities to study the Level 3, 4 and 5 Education and Training Qualifications as well as holiday employment positions at centres across the UK


This is a unique programme, with only 2 places available per secondary school, so get in contact to move your application to the next stage."

Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning Pathway

"Fuel your passion for physical development and performance with our immersive pathway. Designed for students eager to excel in the fitness industry, this programme offers hands-on experience. Acquire Level 2 Physical Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training certifications while immersing yourself in practical work experience. Shape bodies and lives while you grow your career. Career opportunities include personal training, strength and conditioning coach, rehab specialist anda.range of health and wellbeing options."

Pro Player Development Pathway

"Unleash your football talent while pursuing higher education! Our Pro Player Pathway is tailored for exceptional footballers seeking a unique blend of professional sports and academic excellence. Seamlessly combine playing (or coaching) at professional or semi-professional levels globally with pursuing a BSc degree. Elevate your game on and off the field with this exclusive opportunity." 

The video below gives an oversight of the Pro Player Pathway:

UCS has campuses all over the country, offering a wide variety of opportunities for students. Each campus is an inclusive centre guided by the traditions of industry professionals, that places key emphasis on areas around intellectual curiosity, provision to others, and a comprehensive perspective on education. A UCS education grounded in sporting excellence, promotes career preparation and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth in sport and it's associated areas. A student-focused learning community that values equality and diversity, and focuses on the education of the whole person. Here at UCS, we guide the intellectual, ethical, and physical development of each of our students.  For a full list of our campuses click map below:

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