Work Experience

At UCS we believe that education is only part of the equation. Students need to develop the skills required to prepare themselves for the world of work.

To this end, all students are expected to participate in a structured and varied schedule of work experience. The programmes are generally tailored to the interests and needs of the students, with a number of roles available at each campus. Check out each location or drop us a line to find to find out more about available options.

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Sports Coach

Many of our students have the opportunity to work as a sports coach.

Not only are they developing the skills required to be a safe and effective sports coach, but also many of the soft skills, so important in being successful in a job role, such as communication, team-working, time management and leadership. 

this is the most widely offered and most useful of all the work experience opportunities. 



Many UCS Campuses use partnerships with schools and to allow students the opportunity to develop teaching skills

Depending on the placement, the experience allows for plannng and preparing lessons, teaching across a range of qualification types and levels, researching topics, courses and teaching materials, including online resources. 

In most scenarios, students are able to practice teaching small groups of learners from a range of backgrounds and abilities. 

The focus is on developing skills for employment, such as communication skills, decision making, problem solving and managing time effectively. 


Sports Development

Another of the popular options is to support/shadow a sports development office. They plan and organise projects in order to get more people involved in sport. 

The aim is to make sport more accessible to everyone, and help people to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Some campuses focus on specific sports or groups of people. Others have a more generic outlook. 

Skills developed included being organising, leading others, and being able to work as a team through some of the following task: organising and delivering events, producing promotional material, marketing, planing and undertaking administrative tasks, and working with other agencies.