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UCS are proud to offer individuals aged 18 and over a structured, football-focused gap-year experience. Qualification requirements include demonstrating a reasonable level of playing ability via submitted video clips and a playing CV. The gap year features include:

  • Opportunity to play football at a range of clubs in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia or New Zealand and the USA.

  • A flexible programme allowing students to select up to four 12-week blocks with clubs in different continents.

  • Experience different cultures and participate in organised cultural activities.


Benefits to Students

  • Gap year experience in a structured environment.

  • Choice of sports clubs across the world.

  • Potential of paid playing experiences professional/semi-professional.

  • Additional paid football coaching experiences (subject to visas).

  • Accommodation included.

  • Meal plans an optional extra.

  • Opportunity to immerse into different cultures around the world.

  • Opportunity to learn new languages.

  • Access to dedicated Safeguarding team.

  • Access to dedicated Cultural Services team

  • Opportunity to exit into International Sport and Higher Education programmes.


Benefits to Parents

  • Structured, managed Gap Year.

  • Safeguarding team.

  • Access to cultural services team (Concierge Service).

  • Progress reports.

  • Access to accommodation team.



Entry requirements:

  • Football players from across the world who are performing at an acceptable standard

  • 18 years old or above

The clubs:

There is a vast choice of clubs across various continents including, United Kingdom, North America, Oceania, Scandinavia and Mainland Europe. Students will select up to four clubs in different continents for their gap year experience. For the full list of clubs contact us at


1 x 12-week block.    £7,800

2 x 12-week blocks.  £15,000

3 x 12-week blocks.  £21,600

4 x 12-week blocks.  £27,600


*Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to each location.


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